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•  Play the Landsloterij Lottery

Every other week the Landsloterij has a drawing, with a total of 24 drawings in 2015. You can participate by buying a ticket -or 'brièchi' as we call it in Papiamentu-, at one of the resellers of the Landsloterij scattered throughout Curaçao, Aruba, Bonaire, Saba and St. Maarten. Ten 'repi's make one whole brièchi. A whole Brièchi (10 repis) costs NAf. 35, and consequently 1 repi costs NAf. 3,50.

A brièchi ticket entitles you to the full cash prize, whereas each repi is worth a tenth of the cash prize. However, for the Extra Prizes and the Jackpot you can win the full prize with just one repi.

Four times a year there's a millionaire's drawing where you can win either half a million or one million guilders as the first prize. An entire brièchi costs NAf. 160 for the 1 million drawing and NAf. 80 for the half million drawing.