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1.3 million in cash prizes


The next lottery drawing of the Landsloterij will take place on March 12, 2015.

At this drawing you could win the first prize of NAf. 200,000.00, and more than NAf. 1.3 million in other cash prizes!

Buy your lottery tickets and participate in the only lottery in the Netherlands Antilles that gives a large portion of its proceeds to charity!


Jackpot: 0.00


The Jackpot first prize has accumulated to a total of NAf. 0.00. If there's a jackpot winner at the next drawing, then the following drawing will begin again at NAf. 25,000 - first prize jackpot. However, if no one wins, then on March 27, 2014. Jackpot will grow to NAf. 0.00. One 'repi' (a one-tenth portion of the ticket number) is enough to win the whole amount of the jackpot.


Extra prizes and specials


At the next lottery drawing on March 12, 2015   you can also win:

Weekend stay for two in a local hotel all inclusive
2 vouchers for domestic products valued ang. 1,000.00 each
10 vouchers for supermarket valued ang. 250.00 each
Landsloterij and the community
Some of the proceeds of each Landsloterij drawing go towards the benefit of the community. Landsloterij donates large portions of its earnings to a diverse array of charitable institutions. In 2003 more than 18 organizations received donations from the Landsloterij.